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re: Kin Meeting *****VERY IMPORTANT*****


Hello Kins!! :O)

Hope everyone is doing well and hello to those I haven't spoke to in a while.... and welcome back those who haven't been here in a while. We have missed you.

Some very exciting things are happening here in the kinship and I urge everyone to keep an open mind to the announcements here tonight, and I assure you that this is going to be for a bright future.

First I would like to tell all of you that I have been dwelling for almost 8 months on the future of our great kinship and how we are to grow together stronger in the upcoming changes of the game. I also have done a lot of reflecting of where we have been.

Over the past 8 months leadership has seen a dramatic decrease in partisipation and numbers on the server as well as in the kinship. And over the past year we have lost members to other games and perhaps to complete boredom.

So many of our old friends from the kinship left because of these things and that really disheartened me and the leadership to the fullest, and we seen our wind let of our sails sort of speak.

However, some have come back and I'd like to officially welcome them back... Welcome back Baleb, Tulipiris, and our suds throwing buddy Beero!

Okay..... now for the kick in the pants......

With very long deliberation and focus by the officers we have decided to make a move to the Brandwine server......... ok everyone take 3 to 4 deep breaths....

Now I know that many are letting some panic set in but please let me explain. Here at this server there are approximately 60-80 players in the glff channel and many of the playing area's are completely empty.

On Brandywine there are between 300-400 players in glff and many areas are bustling with activity. Runs being called out every few minutes and the feel of the server is very positive.

Now leadership is fully aware that it will be costly for some to move toons over to the new server... and at $25 a toon it is understandable at the reluctance to move, but there are options in doing so, and you aren't being asked to do it instantly.

In no way are we asking you to do this right away and many of the leadership will be bouncing from each server for a while, I infact will be leaving my main here for quite some time.

Also you are more then able to start new toons on the Brandywine server.  Over the last couple weeks some officers have started new toons and we have seen a huge difference in attitude alone in the game for just us. I hope this feeling continues with all of the kinship.

We already have in place a rank 10 kinship and is properly named An Unexpected Kinship. We also have the oportunity to grow with a much needed player base on the server. We all would like to see 3 pages of our kinship online again!

I have faith that with this move we will again have the numbers to call our kinship the greatest on the server once again in our new home on the Brandywine server.

Now I'm sure that some have many questions, and we had many ourselves when beginning talks of the move.... I'd like to take a few questions now.. please **raise hand** and we will get to you.....

Kins..... I wish all to have an open mind during this process and remember we are a family and we all need to pull together to stay strong and smiling.


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re: What wasn't said...


I just want to point out to those who're receiving yesterday's news with trepidation that moving to the Brandywine server is to be considered in no way compulsory.

Nor does it mean the Kinship is completely over here on Imladris. There are those of us who have too many toons to move, or can't afford the expense of moving any, or who simply don't want to have to. And that's fine too.

I personally am not ever going to consider a move to Brandywine until at least 2015, even in terms of rolling a new toon. Imladris remains my primary concern, so rest assured An Unexpected Kinship will still exist on the Imladris server (in a reduced capacity, no doubt). There will always be a place for you and/or any toons you wish to leave here.

I'm also open to any thoughts you have about where the Imladris branch of the kinship can develop/strengthen itself in the current climate of the server's decline.

As always: AUK is ALL THE WAY (to Brandywine and Back Again)!


(aka Valannon, Kertanna, Keryn, Caelwen, Vulli, Zaphi, Yvrette)



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re: Clarification


It seems I ought to clarify a couple of these points.

One: while not compulsory, moving to the new server is still highly recommended by all of the AUK's officers. There is already a huge amount of positive feedback by those who have moved one or more toons across or started a new one. This is going to be the saving of the AUK as a community of like-minded gamers, so do take advantage of that if you can!

Two: the Imladris server is dying a slow death, and it seems Turbine are not prepared to do anything about this. Understand that as the move takes place we're going to see a big decrease in Imladris activity, both within the kinship and throughout the server. We're not the only people deciding to switch servers, and we looked at a lot of options to try to save what existed on Imladris (merging/allying with multiple other kins, boosting recruitment, etc.) before making this decision. So when I ask for your thoughts, I want that to be taken into account.

Three: my personal reasons for not moving are exclusively financial and have nothing to do with not wanting to participate in the kinship. I can't afford to move any, let alone one, toon at this time. I would prefer to move them all at once, both to save money and to avoid frustration at not having access to all of my crafting abilities on the one server. Additionally, if I create a new toon on Brandywine that would mean having to purchase another Character Slot in order that the eighth toon would have room to come across when that becomes possible, a further expense.

Four: I fully support the move and am going to be really jealous of those of you (hopefully a majority) who can make the switch and see how great things are over there. I'm just looking out for those who, like me, can't do so at this time so they don't feel immediately abandoned. I don't believe that's what the AUK has ever been about.

I hope that covers everything a little better. If not, ask me what I'm on about, please.

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