Hello, and Welcome to An Unexpected Kinship!!

If this is your first visit with us, we would like to extend our hand in friendship and welcome you to our community. And, if you are returning to the kin, welcome back friend.

We base our ethics and principles on a proven method of respect and tolerance, and we encourage the pay-it-forward attitude to help all kin members. We are an extremely active kin and there is usually something going on in the kin at all times. As a kinship, everyone has a voice and we encourage kin members to come forward with ideas and concerns. This structure allows for great communication, friendship, and an overall enjoyment of LOTRO.

As an incoming new kin member, we ask you to keep a few things in mind when interacting with kin members in kin chat, and around other channels of the realms. First and foremost, you being a kin member should act with the interest of An Unexpected Kinship at all times. Our presence on the server should always reflect the ethics of the kin, keeping respect and fellowship in mind. Second, in kin chat please refrain from using vulgarity, political views, religion, world views or opinions that may result in conflict with other kin members. At no time shall excessive cursing, or sexist, racist, or demeaning comments be tollerated by any kin member. (ie. using the word Rape is unacceptable at any time)

We are a respectful, laid back, at will kinship. All we ask is to enjoy yourself and add to the strength of our kinship. To help with this you can join us at kinship meetings, outings, parties, raids, or even just lending a hand to a fellow kin member struggling. After all, without good friends we wouldn't be here. So lend a hand, join a fellowship, and join in on the witty banter and good times.

Please carefully read the entire contents of this page so you are aware of our guidelines and expectations. Once you have read and understood the contents of this page, please digitally sign by replying with a "I understand" message so that leadership can see that our goals are being seen.


Again, welcome to the kinship!!

Be Well & Cheers!!

Bowlgod  :O)


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Kinship Leader: Bowlgod

Successor: Asherian

Officer/Communications: Anaith

Officer/T.S. Admin: Guthrad

Officer/Treasure & Info: Erabella

Officer/Storage: Yodiggity

Officer: Darfrik

Officer: Beobrand

Officer/Lotto: Stigman

Officer: Uptagraven



Our Mentors that can be asked questions on classes. Anything ranging from character builds, virtues, skills, traits, etc. Feel free to ask them anything you like on how to maximize the fun and accuracy of your fighter. All are hear to help.... so send an in-game mail or /tell when you need guidence.


Class Mentors:


Captain: Mandolf, Keryn

Champion: Bowlgod, Beobrand


Hunter: Genevievre, Elsron, Anaith


Minstrel: Aisin, Jaybee

Runekeeper: Dumafloget, Pentalin

Warden: Valannon



Team Speak

Team Speak is a voice communications tool that the AUK utilizes for in-game raiding and to exchange in conversation. Join us in witty banter and great communication.


Server password: ThisistheAUK (case sensitive)

Down Load: Team Speak 

Tutorials:  Unexpected Kin TS



Kinship Wiki Miscellaneous section

Officer Specific Tutorials 

 Links to LOTRO Mods/addons






Guidelines of a Raid

Hi Kin, I just wanted to take some time to go over some basic aspects of fellowship and raid adventuring in this wonderful world of LOTRO.  Some are basic commonly accepted practices and some are our kinrules as far as adventure grouping goes.


A.     Communication.

     Next to actual character control, communication amongst a group is key to success.

     Text chat can be handled under one of two channels depending on group size. /f allows you to chat in Fellowship Channel for groups up to 6 members. /ra allows you to chat in Raid Channel for groups up to 24.  Raid/Fellowship leader should designate which channel will be used so everyone is on the same....channel. 

     Audio chat is really the best way to communicate, as it allows you to keep your hands on the mouse and keyboard while navigating the perilous dungeons with your team.  We are fortunate that we have, provided for us, a free Teamspeak acct.  For those not familliar with TS, it's a communication program that lets you chat over the internet.  Tutorials are located here on our website.  TS is generally a requirement for all raids and some fellowships.  It's also a great way to just get to know your kin brothers and sisters and deepen that bond.  Keep in mind that if you don't have a microphone, you can still use TS to listen to commands and hear what's going on in the battle, so don't let that stop you from taking part in this wonderful thing.


B.     Roles.

     There are generally some assigned roles in any fellowship so it's important to understand these roles and their duties.

     Raid Leader/Fellowship Leader-This is the person responsible for the group.  Generally they will start the group off, assemble the group, go over some basic house rules, choose loot rules, make decisions as they come up, and loot the chests.  They will be in charge so pay attention, otherwise things can go awry and in extreme circumstances, you may be dismissed from the group.

     Main Tank- Most runs require someone to take the punches from the big boss.  That would be the main tank. This position is generally held by a Guardian, Warden, or Champion.  If this is assigned to you please communicate with the leader and team to make sure you know your role.

     Off-Tank- An off-tank is a heavy class that is usually set to the task of protecting healers or holding adds/enemies at bay while main-tank handles the big guy.

     DPS Lead- While the MT is holding the line, the rest of the team will want to focus fire on one target at a time for the best success.  This is done by following the DPS lead. This position will be assigned by the Leader and this is who's target you will focus on, NOT the tanks target.


C.      Functionality

     There are three functions that are important to mention for all group adventures.

     Fellowship Manuevers-  This is a "combo" manuever (also called a Conjunction or CJ) that will provide special attacks or heals to a group.  The leader will decide which, if any, FM will be assigned, and in what order the members will activate their part.

     Assist Window- Right now go to your social panel, click on raid, and check the box that says Assist Window next to it.   The assist window is an easy tool to see who is targeting what.  The leader will assign their chosen members to the assist window, but generally it will include at least the MT and the DPS Lead.  With assist window up, you can easily click on the DPS lead's target so that you are always right where you need to be.  Use it, love it! 

     Loot Rule-  Loot rule determines who can loot corpses/chests, whether you have to role for the items, and what level of quality are rolled upon.  Leader will assign rule. The most important thing that can cause some issues is Need/Greed/Pass rule.  If it's for your class and you NEED it, choose NEED.  If it's not for your class, no one needs it specifically, and you'd like a chance at getting it to sell or for an alt, choose GREED. Examples:  If a trophy is up and you'd like it for your house choose NEED  If you're a hunter and a bind on acquire Will/Fate ring comes up, choose either GREED or PASS.  Your minstrel will thank you heartily for the nice ring, or earn you a spot on his naughty (not a good thing) if you get something that is useless to you and priceless to them. You have 30seconds on rolls, so please use your best judgement.


 Kin-guide of Engagement

1. When in a kin run, we are brothers/sisters in arms. Please show the utmost respect to every member. No flaming, shouting derogatories, or other such nonsense. Stay cool and work it out.

2.  Listen to the leader.

3. If TS is required for the run, please be on TS.  If not, your position may be filled with another player.

4.  Don't loot in the middle of combat, no matter how tempting it may be.

5.  Looting trashmob corpses are generally fair game, but the leader will loot boss corpses and chests.

6. On big chests, do a ready check before opening, that way everyone is paying attention and has an equal chance at the loot.

7.  If you have a special request (trophy or sidequest) please bring it up to group at beginning of run.  That way it can be figured out before anything starts. Keep in mind that the leader will make any decisions on special requests based on what is reasonable and fair.

8.  Avoid going AFK in the middle of a run, it is disruptive, can be deadly, and could earn you a dismissal.  If you do have to go AFK/Bio/whatever please announce out of combat and wait for the leader's response before making a beeline to whatever you need to do.

9.  If you have an issue with a run, the way you were treated, whatever, please try to work it out as a group.  If all else fails, and it is a major issue, please don't hesistate to bring it to an officer.

10.  Have fun, make friends, be excellent to each other. That's what it's really all about.





Kin-Guide to Expectations, Actions & Consiquences


1.)  It is expected of each and every kin member to act accordingly to the codes and ethics of the AUK at all times.

2.)  At no time will any kin member troll, verbally bash, insult, attack, or participate in conversations unbecoming of the AUK code and ethics.

3.)  As a kin member we do not sell items within the kinship chat to one another, we give. If items are to be placed on the kinship auction house, they will be placed at or under cost of that item. We are not here to make coin off one another.

4.)  At no time will vulgar profanity, sexual comments, demeaning or lude behavior tolerated in kin-chat. (including discussion of sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, religion, and world polotics)

5.)  It is expected for all members to treat each other with dignity, respect, and tolerance. (including those who may not know the game play as well as another)

6.)  When you see a kin member struggling lend a hand in friendship.

7.)  If a blatent violation has occured, please bring it to the attention of an officer before engaging the issue, or with hurt feelings leave impulsiveliy. Please let leadership have the chance to correct and calm the situation.


Consiquences of not following these guidelines can lead to disciplinary actions ranging from officer warnings, demotion, or in extreme cases expulsion. Please note, no one in leadership likes to have to make that decision, and it is not taken lightly. With understanding and tolerance of others we can all exist in harmony.


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